Installa Our Mobile APP

We use a technology still under development for our app called "Progressive Web App" (PWA). This technology allows us to offer you the application on all available platforms: android, ios, windows, linux and mac os. We strongly believe this is the future of apps for various reasons, including:

  • Multi Platform (Mobile and Desktop)
  • Occupies less than 10mb (increase with use up to a maximum of 20mb)
  • Notifications
  • Auto update (updates itself!)
  • Partial offline (everything you have visited you can read again)
  • Performance: it's super fast!

Windows, Linux e Mac – Desktop (Chrome)

To install it on chrome click on the install app button (1) at the top left of the site and confirm the installation (2):

The app will be available immediately on your desktop and in the "App" section of google chrome where you can eventually uninstall it.


At startup you will be asked to install the app with a popup at the bottom (1) but you can install the app at a later time with the button under the logo (2). All you have to do is confirm the installation (3) and you will find the app in the applications list.

How Unistall the APP:

To uninstall it, drag it to the trash as you would any other app on android.


PWAs will be fully supported by iOS 13. At the moment you have to add our Progressive Web App to the home that will still behave like on android and desktop (in iOS 12 the progressive apps work but without some functions that we use partially). From safari press the action button (1) and then add to home screen (2)



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